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This web page contains details of Crazy Alan's previous long distance cycle rides.

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Aug-2011 Exmouth Exodus (310 miles)
It all started when Ray Westwood of the Uxbridge Loiterers suggested we join him on the London to Brighton night ride.
Good idea thought Crazy Alan, and headed off down to Exmouth for a practice run.
Not content with 100 miles at night across one of the hillier parts of the country, Crazy Alan decided to cycle to and from the ride.

SunsetThe moon ... the main thing you see on a night ride!Sunrise
For Alan's ride story click this link.

Sep-2011 London to Brighton night ride (158 miles)
A meer 65 miles from London Victoria to Brighton, what could be difficult about that?
How about doing it overnight with a big bunch of other nutters, then to make it even more taxing lets cycle there and back!

Alan and Ray at the start
Brighton PierRay in BrightonAlmost home!
For the full ride story click this link.



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